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Frequently asked questions

Why should I use digital signage?

Digital signage is used to better communicate with your clients or employees.

  1. It features animated content, making it more attractive.
  2. It allows you to quickly change and broadcast content.
  3. It is now easy and affordable to use.
What should I look for in a digital signage solution?


  1. of managing your content with great flexibility.
  2. of creating high quality content very easily.
  3. of having access to thousands of HD video backgrounds within the software.
  4. of a complete and fully integrated solution. 
  5. of paying an affordable price for these services.

That is what distinguishes from the other digital signage solutions.

What do I need to set up my digital signage solution ?

There are two necessary components for your digital signage solution.

  1. Broadcast equipment
  2. Software to create and manage your content
    1. The equipment usually includes a PC (video player), a TV monitor, and their installation.
      • A recent PC properly configured for a dynamic display is recommended to increase broadcasting, managing and maintaining reliabilities.
      • The display needs to have the proper size and brightness depending on the environment where it will be installed. Commercial type models are recommended for their features, quality and extended warranty.
    2. An integrated web-based software to create visual contents and manage their broadcast.
      • A solution that allows you to create and manage visual contents has become a standard of efficiency. It gives you great flexibility and allows you to manage your content from anywhere to anywhere without any installation. This approach eliminates complex updates as well as high acquisition and labor costs associated to an internal server.
      • Integrated tools for content creation such as a video library, access to weather, news, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube have become indispensable. All inclusive packages will make you save thousands of dollars annually, given that content creation is the most important reccuring cost over the years in digital signage.
What alternatives can I use ?

In addition to the solution presented above, you can purchase TV monitors that allow you to broadcast your content from a USB stick. This solution is restrictive but could be combined with a web service to minimize your overall costs.

There is also the option to purchase monitor models with embedded processors (LG's WebOS or Samsung's SoC). Those models do not require the purchase of an external PC, but have limitations for a number of applications. Restrictions apply. Ask about our solution for the use of these equipments!

What are the options offered by your solution ? is a complete digital signage solution that covers all the needs generally required of a digital signage solution. 
Try it for 15 days!

Can I use content that I already have ?

Your existing content can be used. Depending on the type and resolution of your files, modifications could be required.

Can I broadcast my contents on a website ?

With our Html5 platform, your contents can be shown on a web page. Your changes will be updated automatically.

Can I use contents from an external database ?

It is possible to display in real time any data available from external files. For activity schedules or other constantly changing information, there are solutions that can be tailored to your needs.

What happens if we lose Internet ?

If your video player has a storage system for your files in local mode, the playback will continue but the real time information will only be updated once the Internet is back on.

Do you provide a content creation service ?

Our services include an unlimited access to a library of more than 5000 animated videos. Our team of experienced video creators are available for your customized productions needs.

Do you provide equipement installations ?

You can get this service through our extensive network of experienced installers.

What operating system do you use ? 

Our Linux based OS provides simplicity, reliability, flexibility and very attractive features .

Do you offer interactive capabilities ?

Yes, you can use our software with touch screens. No special knowledge is required to use it. 

Is there a charge for software updates ?

All updates are free and automated. 

What training is available to me after purchase ?

The software contains a complete video tutorial. You can also benefit from an online training service if desired. 

Can I try the software ?

You can use a free trial version of the software for 15 days to experience the simplicity of our digital signage solution.

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