We make content creation simple for everyone, thanks to the ‘‘drag & drop’’ feature and multiple easy-to-use tools.
Creation tools
Text, forms, animations, image cropping and color pallet will personalize your messages in an attractive way. You can also use grids and templates for text alignment. This tool can be useful for restaurant menus for example.
Integrated librairies
Landscapes, food, holiday, entertainment, animations, etc. Our software includes nearly a million of free images and videos, which will allow you to add a visual of quality, whatever your project.
Content upload
You can import your various files into our software, images, videos, GIFs, logos and various contents. Ideal to broadcast information that fits your image and use material already made or even bought.
Various applications
Time, weather, news, YouTube, and specialized content (images of the world, quiz, etc.) will perfectly complete your playlists while varying your content.
Touchscreen programming
Use touchscreen feature on mobiles phones, touchscreens and computers and you can easily interact with your customers. In addition to having an attractive visual, you can create content that will be personalized according to the selected choice.
We believe that a good digital signage software allows you to manage your network and broadcast as you see fit.
Management from a single web page
Netsign.tv offers a complete turnkey solution with content creation, management and broadcast through a single web page. No installation required, you can access your account from any computer, anywhere.
Real time changes
When you make changes to your visuals, such as prices for example, simply click on the broadcast button and your content will be sent to your screens. The changes will be displayed in just a few seconds.
Great autonomy
With the ability to add or create your own content, manage your network as well as your broadcasts, you enjoy great autonomy in addition to saving time and money. The software also comes with a tutorial mode that can be used at any time, to help you learn about all the features.
Unlimited broadcast locations
Usually associated with a broadcast platform(screens, mobiles, websites, etc.), a broadcast location can have its own content. In a single account, you can manage as many locations as you need. You can also create groups of broadcast locations, making it easier to manage your network.
Our solution allows you, wherever you are, to send your information in real time, anywhere.
Broadcast platforms
Screens, LED panels, mobiles, websites, emails, social networks, there’s no limit to being able to share your information from our software. These many possibilities allow you to evolve according to your present or future needs.
Dynamic content
Benefit of digital signage, dynamic content makes it easy to catch the attention of your audience. Our software allows you to have a “WOW” effect and an impressive quality image in just a few clicks.
Broadcasting schedule
Whatever your content may be, breakfast menu, conference room schedule or holiday promo for example, they can be scheduled. This will allow you to broadcast content at specific times, automatically.
Horizontal or vertical
Our software allows you to broadcast in horizontal or vertical format. In addition, the central monitor, the space where you create and add your content, automatically rotates to the screen format. It is then much easier to create or modify your content!

Samsung Tizen

Netsign.tv is now compatible with Samsung’s new QB and QM smart TV’s. These screens, working with the Tizen operating system, allow us to connect our solution to it and broadcast contents from your account, without additional equipment. An even more economical and easy-to-install digital signage solution!

Free trial

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Advanced features are also available in the PRO version.